Todd has over 12 years' experience in the coffee industry.

 Professionally, he has been competing at the Regional and National level since 2015, whilst training some of Australia and Japan's best Baristas. Todd has Managed the bar at some of Melbourne's biggest coffee institutions, such as ST ALi.

In 2019 Todd was invited to join 'Project Origin' in the 'Best of Honduras: Late Harvest Auction' as a Shadow Judge.

The 'Best of Honduras: Late Harvest' is an opportunity for Producers to showcase their coffees that are harvested too late in the year to enter the 'Cup of Excellence' Program.

For Coffee Producers their farm is their primary source of income, the Auction is a fantastic opportunity for Producers and potential buyers to meet, establish new relationships as well as to experience some of the very best coffees Honduras has to offer.

Todd also gave a demonstration on how to brew Filter coffee for the Producers in Honduras, using the 'Loong Pour' V60 Filter method. 

in 2019 Todd also attended the ASCA 2 Day 'Sensory Judge Workshop' for the 2020 Competition Season; in order to further his skillset. 

The concept behind 'Todd Souter | Barista Trainer' revolves around the need for up to date methods and techniques in an ever-changing coffee landscape.

     Todd is passionate about all things coffee and is committed to helping others reach their full potential. 



    "We'll ride the spiral to the end. We may just go where no one's been" - Maynard James Keenan

    In the last 12 years coffee has evolved.

    It is no longer just a drink - we believe coffee is a Special Experience that should be celebrated.

    The 'Todd Souter | Barista Trainer' logo represents the philosophy of always moving forward, moving outward and evolving. 

    Because the coffee industry changes so quickly; the content we teach also evolves and adapts to suit the individual and a maturing coffee market. 

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